FHSAA State Playoffs – 2008,2009,2015,2017

Congrats to the 2017 Falcons. 8-4 Season, 1st Ever Play-Off Win.

North Florida Bowl Champions 2013

2017 – 2018 Football Banquet will be Jan. 24th 5:30 pm Details to come.


Off-season Pre-Spring workouts:                                Jan-Apr 20                     Open to all high school athletes. Incoming 9th graders can start attending workouts on April 25th. Athletes need current physical. 
Off-season workouts are designed to help the athletes get bigger, stronger, quicker, faster, and increase flexibility. Workouts consist of 2 phases designed to increase the athlete’s ability. Phase 1 involves weight training by Coach Lippo. This training will improve the athlete’s strength, power, and speed. Phase 2 involves indoor/outdoor athletic enhancement involving speed and agility training and overall flexibility. Phase 2 will start the 2nd week in January and athletes will work out two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Phase 1 – athletes can lift during class, or before or after school by appointment with Coach Lippo.
FHS7v7A                                        Feb 4-April 20               Open to FHS7v7A members only who are registered and the proper forms turned in and have received their FHS7v7A member card. This is an excellent opportunity for our skill position kids to be working on football related drills during the off-season. These football related drills will be after morning Speed and Agility workouts. There will also be a FHS7v7A Game that will be played during the member season. Date TBA                                                          
FHSAA Spring Football        April 24
Open to grades 9 through 11. Incoming freshman are allowed to participate. Athletes need current physical. 
FHSAA Spring football will consist of a maximum of 20 days (four weeks) of football practice. Practice will consist of football drills and offensive and defensive team strategies.  Spring football practice will be every day Monday through Friday during the four week time frame. Players will go through the 6 day acclimatization period as follows 2 days helmets, 3 days shoulder pads, 1 day full gear. Incoming 9th graders (Current 8th Graders) are NOT allowed to be issued or wear equipment. These practices are important for the future of our program.
Pre-Season Summer Workouts          June 5- July 29                Open to all athletes attending PMHS in 2016. Athletes must have current physical to participate.
Summer Workouts will consist of strength training, agility & speed training, and football related drills. Workouts will be every day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 7 -10:30 am. These workouts are important for preparing the players for the demands of football. The workouts are designed to help players increase conditioning levels, increase and maintain strength gained in the off-season, and build team chemistry. Football development and offensive and defensive strategies will also be covered in summer workouts. It is essential that players make the Summer workouts a priority. Time Off (Vacation) is planned into the Summer Calendar as well. Please try to schedule family trips around these dates.
JU Camp         July 10-12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


If we want to strive to win championships and continue to build a culture of excellence we must put more work in than our opponents. You must EARN EVERYTHING!

We will do this by demonstrating Above the Live Behavior!

Leadership creates the Culture, Culture drives the Behavior, Behavior produces the Results!